Erstellen oder Importieren von Speichern in WordPress

Bevor Sie einen Shop erstellen, sollten Sie Ihre Shop-Kategorien einrichten & Filter. Wenn Sie einen Laden anlegen möchten, haben Sie zwei Möglichkeiten: Entweder Sie fügen sie manuell hinzu oder Sie importieren eine Filiale.

Einen Laden manuell erstellen

Wenn Sie einen Store manuell erstellen möchten, gehen Sie einfach zu Store Locator > Neuer Store innerhalb Ihres Admin-Panels. Von dort aus können Sie alle notwendigen Informationen für Ihren Laden hinzufügen.

einen neuen Shop in WordPress erstellen
einen neuen Shop in WordPress erstellen

Importieren von Speichern

Wenn Sie viele Geschäfte haben, verwenden Sie besser die Importfunktion. Deshalb gehen Sie zu Store Locator > Einstellungen > Allgemein. Unten finden Sie einen “Get Sample Import file”-Button. Drücken Sie auf diese Schaltfläche und Sie erhalten eine Beispiel-Excel-Importdatei, die mit allen Speicherinformationen + Kategorien + Filtern gefüllt ist.

Beispiel-Importdatei erhalten
Beispiel-Importdatei erhalten
 Verwenden Sie dieses Importbeispiel zum Ausfüllen Ihres Imports. Wenn Sie einen serverseitigen Google API-Schlüssel festgelegt haben, können Sie die Latitute-/Longitute-Werte weglassen, da diese automatisch geholt werden.Dann gehen Sie zurück zu Allgemeine Einstellungen und drücken Sie die Schaltfläche “Speicher importieren”. Wählen Sie dann Ihre Datei aus und klicken Sie auf Importieren. Sie sehen anschließend einen Bericht über die hinzugefügten Geschäfte.
Excel-Speicherdatei importieren
Excel-Speicherdatei importieren

23 Meinungen zu “Erstellen oder Importieren von Speichern in WordPress

  1. Maciej sagt:


    I have problem with import sample file, i can download it but i can’t open in office 365 and open office. Error exist on .xls and .xlsx, Can you attached sample file and reply to my email address?

  2. Michael Wynn sagt:

    I noticed the import sample document and our initial tests don’t have the categories mapping into the store locator listing, it instead put the categories in the description. I have over 800 listings to import and ideally *do not* want to manually have to assign all the categories, is there no map to include these as part of the spreadsheet?

    Michael @

    • WeLaunch sagt:

      Of course its possible – you just need to export the sample import file from plugin settings. This will contain categories, that you created before. Fill it out with a 0 or 1 and reimport it again.

  3. Roi sagt:

    im tring to import my xsl file. its not working. im getting an error mesagge: Error uploading file: The file type is not licensed for security reasons.

    please help

  4. george sagt:


    I’m getting this message when I try to import the file I’ve prepared:

    “Your file seems to be corrupt.
    API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API.”

    Please advise.

    • WeLaunch sagt:

      Well your Google API key has restrictions and can not be used for importing stores. Either you remove the server side key from plugin settings (but then you can not automatically fetch lat / lng). Or you go to Google API Console and adjust the referrer restrictions.

  5. George sagt:

    There is not restriction… here is screen shot from my settings:

    I have also a questions about the map:
    1. the geolocation doesn’t take my exact location – it shows my location near (couple of KM), I’ve tried 2 different location and the issue in both tests, what can I do to make show my exact location?
    2. the branches on map show only the branches in the choosen radius, when I expand radius the map is zoomed out and the pins become too close (or even on top of each other) which makes it not friendly to find the branch… how can I show all branches on map on a radius of 5 KM?


  6. Christina sagt:

    Hello, it seems I get a 504 error when i upload a seemingly small xlsx spreadsheet (less than 900kb). So I had the server folks increase the PHP max time to 1800 and am still experiencing the 504 errors. I was wondering if there is a way to upload the spreadsheet on the backend? And if so, which tables and columns shall I update in the database?

  7. Leonardo Guerrini sagt:

    I’ve just tried to import stores, with xlsx file, and putting the aPI Key in the “Google Api Key (Server Side)”. This is the error message: “This API project is not authorized to use this API.”. While, if I import the same list without insert tke API Key, I have the complete list in the plugin, but without coordinates, and this is a problem for me. Where is the problem? Thank!

    • WeLaunch sagt:

      The problem is the server side API key that you have entered. You need to authorize / remove restrictions inside Google API Console.

  8. Ryan sagt:


    Do you have to upload a store list for each category or can you just have categories (walmart/CSV pharmacy/Rite Aid/ Korgers/Target) and then let a customer type in their address. The results would then populate stores with the address entered using the google API. Our client’s products are sold in these popular pharmacy and big brand stores. Importing all the stores and keeping them updated is something we are trying to avoid.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  9. Vincent sagt:

    When I upload stores via csv, the plugin creates many duplicates (sometimes 3 or 4) of certain stores. There are no duplicates in my spreadsheets and I cannot figure out why this is happening.

    I’ve tried purging all my stores and re-uploading, tried clicking “Try Updating Stores”, all the data in my spreadsheets are correct… why am I getting so many duplicates??

  10. Vincent sagt:

    When I import stores from CSV, the plugin produces duplicates (seemingly at random). Sometimes 3-4 duplicates per store. I have double and triple-checked my files and there are no duplicates in them. I am using “Try Updating Stores”, all my stores have unique IDs, and I’m still get duplicates. What is causing this?

  11. Dj sagt:

    2 questions, hoping you can help, please.

    1. I have created categories and tried to download the excel file but inside, there are no columns showing categories. I just have id field and customer id fields in first 2 columns. Is there something that I have to select before I download the import file? What am doing wrong ?

    2. how do I authorize / remove restrictions inside Google API Console. Would you happened to have a manual? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your help in advance.

  12. Dj sagt:

    2 questions.

    1. I have added the category before I downloaded the excel sheet but do not see the category column. Just see id and customer id in the first 2 columns. Do I have to select something before I download the import excel file? What am I doing wrong?

    2. Is there a manual to authorize/remove restrictions of server-side API key inside Google API Console. It will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

  13. Aaron Lett sagt:

    2 critical issues:

    1). in the “Search by Store Name” search box (named “Search by Physician Name” in my usage, not ALL names are returning. For example, typing “Yakel” should return 2 results (it only shows one – Demian Yakel), the only way to find the “other” Yakel is to type in his first name (Stefan), as you will see, the last names are IDENTICAL – what’s the issue here?

    2). Many of the Stores do not exist in the Back Office to be updated (they “cannot be found”). The only way to successfully update or remove a “store” is to export the .csv, make the edits in the ACTUAL data file, perform “Delete All Stores,” then re-Import Stores with the newest updates. INCREDIBLY time-consuming and not UX friendly. What could be the issue here?

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread, but i see NO other way to ask about issues.

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