CF7 Stripe Setup

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Setup a Stripe Account & get the API Key

To get a stripe account simply go to and register for a new account here. Then login and go to Dashboard > API or follow this link. Here you will see a publishable & a secret API key. We will need both, so copy both of them, or leave the tab open.

Settings Panel

First you should make sure you can see the stripe settings panel. If you can not see the menu on the right image please make sure you have installed the Redux Framework & Contact Form 7 plugin.

General Stripe Settings

In the General stripe settings you should first set your Company name and a logo in square image format.

Then you need to paste the before created Stripe API Keys. First the Publishable Key, and then the secret Key.

cf7 stripe general settings
cf7 stripe general settings

Stripe Payment Options

Globally you can set different Stripe payment options.

  1. Validate Postal Code (ZIP)
    Specify whether Checkout should validate the billing postal code.
    We highly recommend setting to true.
  2. Collect Billing Address
    Specify whether Checkout should collect the user’s billing address.
  3. Collect Shipping Address
    Specify whether Checkout should collect the user’s shipping address.
  4. Allow Remember me
    Specify whether to include the option to “Remember Me” for future purchases.
  5. Accept Bitcoins
    Specify whether to accept Bitcoin.
  6. Send Mail
    Check how you want the CF7 mail to be sent out.
  7. Payment Successful
    What should happen when a successful payment has been made.
  8. Currency*
    See: Stripe Currency Reference
  9. Return (success) URL
  10. Cancel (error) URL
stripe payment options
stripe payment options

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings you can add custom CSS or JS.

Create your Form

Go into your Admin panel > Contact > Add new to add a new contact form.

Then you will see a new button on the top called “Stripe Button”. Click this button create a stripe button inside the form.

cf7 stripe form tag handler
cf7 stripe form tag handler

When you want to insert the stripe button you have to set some values:

  1. Label
    Or: Button text
    Example: Pay with Stripe
  2. Item Description
    Or: Button text
    Example: Pay with Stripe
  3. Amount
    Or: Costs of the product in cents!
    Example: 1000 => 10 €
  4. Item currency (3 digit ISO code)
    Example: eur
  5. Class attribute
    Example: full-width

After filled out just click on insert tag e voila: You have a button on the contact form called “Pay with Stripe”.

example stripe button tag in contact form 7
example stripe button tag in contact form 7

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