Setup WordPress Helpdesk

After installing our WordPress helpdesk plugin we can continue setting up the basics. In your Admin Dashboard you should see the helpdesk menu (see right). If not: Make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed!

Here we can see the following options:

  • All Tickets
  • New Ticket
  • Status
  • Types
  • Systems / Projects
  • Settings
  • Reports

Setup Pages

Before we start setting up, we need to create 3 pages and place the below shortcodes:

  • “My Tickets” -> [ my_tickets orderby=”date” order=”DESC”]
  • “New Ticket” -> [ new_ticket type=”Simple|WooCommerce|Envato” types=”” departments=”” priorities=””]
  • “Knowledge Base” -> [ knowledge_base columns=”2″ max_faqs=”5″ orderby=”order” order=”DESC”]

Of course you can change the name of your page, the important thing is just, that the shortcode is placed there.

General Settings

After setting up the pages we can continue setting up the rest. Go into the Settings. There you can see the panel for all options. We start with the general ones:

  • Enable the Plugin
  • Choose the My Tickets page (take the one we have just created)
  • Redirect Reporters to the my tickets page if you like
  • Choose if you want to use Excel 2007 or the newer one (xlsx) for the ticket export

Setting Defaults

To ease the work you are able to set some defaults. Of course you need to create the values before setting any defaults. You can set a default ..

  • Status
  • Type
  • System
  • Agent

Now everytime a new ticket is created, the default values will be applied.

Setup your Inbox

If you have a support inbox, where your reporters can send emails to, you should set this up here. Emails will then automatically be fetched and created as ticket in your system.


Here you can enable integrations like WooCommerce, Envato or Slack.

The Envato Integrations allows you to require a purchase Code from your users, check the support until parameter or fetch your items. Of course you need to be an author on envato. Enter your Username and your personal token (this can be found here).

When you enable the WooCommerce integration all your customers will see a “my-tickets” & “new ticket” tab in their account dashboard. New tickets will be splitted in “Order”, “Product” & “Other” issue.

With the Slack Integration you can send ticket notifications directly into one of your Slack channels. Customize what notifications you want to send to Slack, setup a channel and a custom icon if you like.


One big part is the Email Notification to keep your reporters or agents up to date. Like the slack notifications you can set what information should be sent out and to whom. In total there are 4 notification types:

  • New Ticket created
  • Status Changed
  • Comment added
  • Assigned agent changed

After setting up the notification types, you can setup some defaults for the mail notification like Name, Logo and Email. The reply to mail should be the same as your Inbox (if you use it).

Form Fields


All fields for the ticket forms are customizable except the subject & message as they are required to create a ticket. In total there are 3 different forms:

  • Simple Form (for all issues)
  • Envato Form (for special Envato items, where e.g. a purchase Code is required)
  • WooCommerce Form (for orders, products etc.)

You can use all 3 or just one depending on what you need. To setup a new ticket form you can use the shortcode [ new_ticket type=”Simple|WooCommerce|Envato” types=”” departments=”” priorities=””] and in addition you can setup the type ]

Knowledge Base Settings

When you enable the Knowledge Base a new menu type will be shown after reloading the admin panel called “FAQs”. Here you can create FAQs & Topics, what will be rendered within the [ knowledge_base columns=”2″ max_faqs=”5″ orderby=”order” order=”DESC”] shortcode. Moreover you can enable the FAQ search and choose a layout (boxed or list).

Saved Reply Settings

When you enable saved replies you will see a blue button on ticket comments called “create saved reply”. This copies the entire comment into a new saved reply, that can be used for later replies.

When creating a comment our plugin checks the ticket content and tries to find “suggested replies” based on keywords automatically.

Live Chat Settings

Enabling the live chat will result in showing the livechat on the bottom right of all your pages. It is very important to know, that all chat conversations will be saved as a ticket for later reports etc.

Desktop Notification Settings

Desktop notifications, when enabled, will popup the first time a user visits your site and ALWAYS when a new comment has been added on a reporters ticket.

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings you can modify the Mail Notification template, add some custom CSS or custom Javascript.

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