After installation you should see a new submenu below WooCommerce names “Shop the look”. Here you can find all settings of our plugin. If you can not see that menu item make sure the our weLaunch Framework plugin is installed!

Please also see this article on how to keep your plugin updated.

Our plugin is divided into different setting sections:

  1. General Settings
  2. Display 
  3. Styling
  4. Texts
woocommerce shop the look menu

General Shop the Look Settings

In the general section you can enable or disable our plugin. Furthermore you can decide if you want to hide the default add to cart button shop the look products or not. 

If you do not want to sell complete packages you should keep this checked. Otherwise you can use it to sell complete outfits or shop the look products.

general shop the look settings

How to create a shop the look product

When our plugin is enabled you will see a new field in the “Linked Products” section when you edit a product: Shop the Look products. This is where you can search and add the products that are included in your shop the look product itself. On the page later they will display as you can see in the demo.

The lookbook products are just regular products consisting of multiple subproducts. Of course you could sell them directly when you also enter a price for the lookbook product itself or leave it out. Our plugin recognizes if it is a get the look product, when products are assigned in the section below.

how to create a shop the look product in WooCommerce

Get the look display options

We made our plugin very dynamic so that you can decide yourself what data you want to show on the lookbook pages yourself. You can hide the short description, image or title for example. 

Moreover you can disable the “add all to cart” functionality and specify on what product hook position the lookbook products should display.

get the look display options

Complete the look styling

Of course you can also adjust the text & button colors. This can be done in the styling section where you can use a colorpicker to define the colors you want to have. 

complete the look styling

Text Settings

The texts used in our plugin can be changed here.

text settings for shop the look

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