The following filters are available to modify data used in the invoice PDF:


38 thoughts on “PDF Invoice Filter Hooks

      • Alexandre Laurenti Done says:

        I mean, I would like to change some info in the table, like, the client wants the tax price after the final price and wants also that theres an empty line before the final price, I would like to know if and how can I change these informations. Thank you!

  1. Gavin says:

    Ship to:
    {{shipping_first_name}} {{shipping_last_name}}
    {{shipping_address_1}} {{shipping_address_2}}
    {{shipping_postcode}} {{shipping_city}}
    {{shipping_state}} {{shipping_country}}

    how can i add phone and email id here what would be the code

  2. Peter says:

    Is there a code example on how this used? I have a custom field associated with an order being generated by a plugin that I want to include in the PDF.

  3. Sveta says:

    Hi, I have one site with the PDF invoice. I’d like to install it also on the second one, but I’d like to merge numbering of the invoices on both sites – site 1: invoice #1, site 2: invoice #2, site 1: invoice #3 and so on (depending on the sales on each of the sites). Is it possible to combine the two somehow?

  4. Scott says:

    Is it possible to remove billing and shipping addresses, while retaining or adding billing first and last names, plus a custom field from order meta?

      • Scott says:

        Thanks. Your documentation shows settings for invoices only. I don’t need invoices. I do need packing slips. Possible to configure for packing slips only?

          • Scott says:

            So if I buy the plugin “WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips” from your site, I actually get two separate plugins? Then where is the documentation that shows how the packing slip plugin works?

  5. Dimitri says:

    What if I added a custom field to my WooCommerce Checkout (i.e. VAT Number), can I add that to the invoice?

  6. malamal.xyzltd says:

    Is there any option to add date in the invoice? The plugin I am using has no option to date the invoice, so what are the date options? if there date option then i will buy this plugin

  7. Michele says:

    Hi, it seems that “{{customer_note}}” shortcode in pdf invoices settings-content doesn’t work. If I add in the order editor a note set as “note to customer”, in the pdf invoice it doesn’t appear (obviously even if I click on “Update Invoice” button).

    • Daniel says:

      Sorry we do not know – maybe you ask automatewoo support. Our invoice PDFs are saved in wp-content/uploads/pdf-invocies folder.

  8. NINA says:

    Hello, I use Woo Commerce Market Place so I would like to know if it will be possible to generate Invoices only for “seleceted” vendors not all vendors ???

  9. Rosh says:

    Customers are using a coupon code to purchase items. How do I display the coupon codes on the packing slip under the invoice number.

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