How to Show Amazon, eBay & more Retailers in WooCommerce

The benefits of showing other retailers or dealers on your product pages in WooCommerce are clear: you give your customers more opportunities where they can buy your products. Most likely showing amazon, eBay or other where to buy links, will increase your overall sales. 

This is where our WooCommerce product retailers plugin can help you. With the help of our extension you are able to create any type of dealer or retailer in your WooCommerce shop. 

product retailers in woocommerce backend
product retailers in woocommerce backend

Each retailer can have different type of options:

  • Retailer name
  • Description
  • Logo / Image
  • Default URL

When you have setup some retailers like amazon or eBay for example, the next steps would be to show them on product pages.

retailers show after button click
retailers show after button click

To set custom retailer links and prices on product level, go into the backend of your Woo shop. Then edit a product in the backend. Here you will find new options per retailer:

  • Retailer Link (URL)
  • Dealer Price

Fill this out and save your product. After this, you can open your product page and see the retailers with previous configured logo or image.

WooCommerce Product Retailers Plugin

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