Slow WP Admin AJAX calls can be caused because of many factors and it’s hard to debug them. But here are some indications:

  • Test Location <-> Server Location (too high latency)
  • Server Performance at All
  • Too many other plugins (WP AJAX loads all your Plugins before performing the Call)
  • Blocking Ressources

All in all our plugin does not stop the rendering / HTML output of your site, because it uses Async Calls (so not bad for Google for example.

For debugging in Chrome for example do not forget to look at which time the AJAX call got queued at. Example:We are located in Germany and the request was queued at 2.62s and took 5.07 till end. So the initial request was 5.07 – 2.62 = 2,45 seconds. That is depending on my location and server location (in this example SE) & server performance a good value.

On our website (hosted on a Server in Germany with PHP 7.2) the inital request tooks about 300ms:So what can you do?

  1. Check if you are testing from correct location <-> your server location (both should be same or near)
  2. Check if you watch the correct Value
  3. Upgrade PHP to 7
  4. Deactivate some plugins and test again
  5. Last option: Upgrade Server

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