In version 1.13.0 we introduced a new Store locator listing shortcode. You can define a key, that you want to use for grouping (e.g. country). Then all stores within a country will display in a listing accordion by that key.

[wordpress_store_locator_listing key="country"]

The above example will list all stores by country. Of course you can use any other key like city or state if you want.

store locator listing by country
store locator listing by country

Listing Stores Arguments

All arguments you can use in the shortcode:

  • open_by_default => ‘yes’,
  • Group listing key (e.g. country)
  • Order key by
    key_orderby => ‘pm.meta_value’,
  • Only show key with this value (e.g. US)
  • heading_prefix => ‘Stores in ‘,
  • Show a subkey (e.g. “region”)
  • Order Subkey Data (e.g. pm.meta_value)
  • Only show subkey with this value (e.g. Texas)
  • Prefix for subkey Heading (e.g. State:)
[wordpress_store_locator_listing key="country" value="US" subkey="region" subvalue="Texas" heading_prefix="Stores in " order_by="pm.meta_value" subheading_prefix="State: "]
listing example with us and texas stores only

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