You can use the bought together products also with a Shortcode. For example in a product page you can use the following shortcode. If not product id was defined our plugin tries to find the current global product, that was set:


If you want to get specific bought together products for one product you can define a product ID in the shortcode as so:

[woocommerce_bought_together product_id="XX"]

9 thoughts on “WooCommerce Bought Together Shortcode

  1. Łukasz Grzywacz says:

    Hi there, I have used shortcode in woo-commerce product text as none from the option didn’t work for me. Can you please take a look at the link provided and tell me how I can increase the size of products I have them below OFTEN BOUGHT BY CUSTOMER. I can see that still there is space on right hand side i wish to maximize size of the products for better visibility

  2. Nani says:

    Hi, how to custom css to make the related product a bit smaller in mobile? so that people don’t think that’s the end and they will continue to scroll down to the long description

    • Daniel says:

      „Not working“ is a very broad description of your issue. Please submit a ticket on our website including detailed issue information.

      • Marijke Peeters says:

        No it’s not working, there is nothing there, i don’t see the images of the products.
        I can click below the title so there is something there but you don’t see the product?

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