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  • Prices shown on our website are excluded of Envato handling fees
  • Prices are per Lifetime for Updates
  • Support is included for 6 months and can always be extended
  • You can use one license per WP Installation / Domain
  • Once payed you get lifetime updates

29 thoughts on “Licensing & Pricing

  1. Lauriane says:

    I want to buy a plug in, and test it on a development site before putting it on my real site.
    Is it possible to do this?

  2. Jeff says:

    Are there Developer’s Licenses or a multi license pack? I’m working on half a dozen sites I could use the plugin on but the cost may be prohibitive if I need to pay full price for each site.

  3. Massimiliano says:

    Hello, I have the same question as one user. It will be great to try your plugin before buying it. But you confirm to me the possibility to refund it if not work properly? Or better, if I install it and my 3 part filter plugin doesn’t support the variation product I can have the refund?

  4. Lisa says:

    I have the same question as “Lauriane”.
    Is it possible to install the plugin on the staging domain and test it their and after approval – delete the plug-in on the staging environment and put it on the live domain?
    I´m not interested to buy two license for “one domain”
    Looking forward to your reply.

  5. Nelson Therrien says:

    I do understand that the licence is lifetime for ONE site (as most Envato products).

    BUT, if I buy the bundle, that means that all the plugins I use will be for ONE site (i.e. all plugins on the same site) or we have distinct licences and we can use Plugin A and B on site A and plugin C on site B?

  6. Alan says:

    I am developing a WordPress site for a client which will use WooCommerce PDF Catalog and WooCommerce Single Variations. The client will purchase the plugin directly from envato.

    The site is being built on a development server (e.g. When the site is complete, the DNS records will be changed to point to a different domain (e.g., but still using the same IP address.

    Is the license tied to the server IP address or to a domain name?

    If it is a domain name, do I need 2 licenses or can the 1 used for be migrated to the domain?

  7. Julien says:

    Hi Daniel,
    one more question regarding licensing, If I purchase the bundle and install it on a WP-Multisite framework where sites and woo are following this structure:,, etc…
    Can I use the bundle for all wp instances or do I have to buy licences for each?

    Thanks and amazing work btw.

  8. Adham says:

    Hello if with my business I have created projects with different customizations of the services I offer, on different site addresses and installations, but always with my company name and all installed on my shared hosting with domains in multisite management, but with a billing system unique of the woocommerce shops, can I purchase the bundle version and other plugins not included and manage the plugins on my domains with a single license?
    Of course I hope so, because I am not creating a site for a client, but they are part of the same job.
    It’s a bit like secondary sites but for security reasons and different graphics I have to keep different installations.

    Thanks for the attention
    Best regards

    • Daniel says:

      One license is also for one WP Installation (single or multisite). So when you enable our bundle in a multisite all subsites can use it. For additional singular sites or additional multisites you need an additional license.

      • Adham says:

        Is it possible to have the same treatment of a multisite with different domains that have my company name? I am ready to show you the ownership data of the sites and the company name expressed. I don’t know with maybe with a very small price increase with a “symbolic” value to be able to standardize all the sites with your splendid plugins. with other developers I had also made an advertising logo available as a credit for the collaboration.
        Thanks for your attention
        Best regards

  9. Adham says:

    Hi, between WordPress and Woocommerce PDF catalog, what’s the difference? is there a full version or do you have to buy both?

    • Daniel says:

      The WooCommerce extension is explicitly for WooCommerce best use. The WP version can deal with custom posts, but not in depth like the own WooCommerce plugins.

  10. Oscar Tejada says:

    I would like to know how the links are configured for agents and administrator and user since I don’t know how the tickets are going to be created

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