How does the WooCommerce buying guide work?

The plugin creates an intersection of the products, that were assigned to every choices. For example:

  • Choice 1 contains Product 1 & Product 2
  • Choice 2 contains Product 1
  • Output = Product 1

6 thoughts on “How does the WooCommerce buying guide work?

  1. Jeroen says:

    I have the buying Guide installed and running, but would (or could) it be possible to have multiple answers selected ?

    Our media screen are selected by the type of input they require (usb, WiFi, network connection), but some screens have multiple input options

  2. Jean Herholdt says:

    Hi Guys, I bought this plugin but I’m a bit disappointed. It doesn’t seem as if the guide can change the image of a chosen variation once the colour options is selected. I also bough the WooCommerce Show Variations as Single Products thinking it may help as products are showing individually but this also doesn’t help. Once colour filter is applied it only shows results from actual single products and nothing from variations.

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