Configure the WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate Plugin

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Settings Menu

In order to setup the plugin you should be able to see the Multisite Duplicate Menu under the WooCommerce menu. If you can not see the menu make sure the Redux Framework plugin is installed and activated.

General duplicating settings

First you should enable the plugin. Then you can configure where you want to show the duplicate Links (in product list or on product directly).

When you duplicate a product you can also be directly redirected to the new product – just check the checkbox.

Important step is to select the sites where you / or your shop managers can duplicate products to. If you select no sites, all sites will be available. After that you can set a post status for the new products, add a suffix and check if you want to update the product if it exists.

general woocommerce duplicate products settings
general woocommerce duplicate products settings

Data to Duplicate

While duplicating you can disable certain datas to be copied. For example you can disable to copy the images, attributes, taxonomies (categories) or post meta.

If you for example do not want to copy the price field you could select the meta field “_price” to not be copied.

configure what data you to duplicate
configure what data you to duplicate

Trashing Settings

Same as duplicating you can also say where the trash links should appear. Furthermore you should set the key identifier to trashing (SKU, post title).

trash products multisite wide
trash products multisite wide

Limit duplication access

By default duplicating / trashing is only limited to network admins. If you want normal admins or shop managers to be able to copy / delete products then you can enable this here.

Beside the user roles you can also set the capability.

limit duplicating access
limit duplicating access

Usage: How to Duplicate / Delete

If you have setup everything you can now use the plugin. Go to Products within your admin panel and you will see the duplicate / trash links while hovering a product.

copy a product to another site
copy a product to another site

Bulk duplicating is also available and allows you to duplicate multiple products to a site.

bulk duplicate products
bulk duplicate products


2 thoughts on “Configure the WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate Plugin

  1. George says:


    we have purchased and installed the Multisite Duplicate plugin and we are able to duplicate a product and it’s attributes/variations in a multisite.

    However, once we duplicate a product into another multi-site we are unable to edit the attributes/variations for the duplicated product.

    And if we change the pricing for the initial product it does not change the price for the replicated product so I am assuming that one a product has been duplicated it is a “New” product for that multi-site?

    Can you please assist us.

    Thank you

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