Adding product accessories is easy. Simply edit a product, then go to “Linked Products”. There you will find two new fields:

  • Mandatory Accessories
  • Optional Accessories

Here you can select previous created products (variations are supported).In the example above we have added 1 mandatory and 3 optional accessories to our demo smartphone product. The output will then look like this:If now somebody adds the main product to cart, the mandatory accessories will automatically be added to the cart. The cart even updates itself.

add mandatory or optional accessories in WooCommerce
add mandatory or optional accessories in WooCommerce


5 thoughts on “Adding WooCommerce Product Accessories

  1. Monika says:

    We have bulk of products so, i want to add optional Accessories of the products from CSV through import/export Plugin.

    • WeLaunch says:

      You can import accessories into the product meta fields. Make sure you enter the IDs of the accessories as a serialized array.

  2. Thomas Delron says:

    Hi there,
    it would be perfect scenario if we could adjust qauntity for each mandatory accessoire.
    Is that possible to add?

    thx in advance,

  3. David says:

    How many accessories can you add to a product? What happens on the front end when you have more than a few? Do they stack in rows? Or a carousel?

    • Daniel says:

      You can add unlimited accessories to a product. Depending on your theme it will show in a row or slider. We reuse the same elements as your theme uses for the related products for example 🙂

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