Cookie Whitelist – What cookies are allowed? How can I add more?

Deprecated after Version 1.5. Cookies should be placed inside our new GDPR Services.

If you have enabled to use Cookie Whitelist & user agrees, all cookies will be allowed, that are on the Whitelist – not more! All other Cookies will be deleted. The whitelists are divided by Services, the complete list can be found below.

This function is very dangerous, because it could be, that not all Cookies for All Services are on the Whitelist, because they change them frequently. To add more, custom Cookies you should use our Filter as described here.

If Whitelist is disabled our plugin works the following:

  • All Cookies are blocked until General Consent is given
  • If user disables Analytics Service for example -> all cookies (except defaults) will be deleted
  • All other allowed services will set their cookies again (except Analytics, because script is disabled)

So in 99% you are good to go without the Whitelist enabled feature.

Current List of Whitelist Cookies per Service:


  • woocommerce_cart_hash
  • woocommerce_items_in_cart
  • __cfduid
  • wordpress_gdpr_cookies_declined
  • wordpress_gdpr_cookies_allowed

– wordpress_gdpr_analytics_allowed
– _ga
– _gid
– _gat

Adwords Cookies
– all allowed because cookie keys are unique

Adsense Cookies
– wordpress_gdpr_adsense_allowed
– _tlc
– _tli
– _tlp
– _tlv
– id
– test_cookie

Facebook Cookies
– wordpress_gdpr_facebook_allowed
– m_pixel_ratio
– presence
– sb
– wd
– xs
– fr
– tr
– c_user
– datr

Tag Manager Cookies
– all allowed (many scripts can be loaded)

Hot Jar Cookies
– wordpress_gdpr_hot_jar_allowed
– _hjClosedSurveyInvites
– _hjDonePolls
– _hjMinimizedPolls
– _hjDoneTestersWidgets
– _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets
– _hjIncludedInSample
– 1P_JAR

Piwik Cookies
– wordpress_gdpr_piwik_allowed
– _pk_ref
– _pk_cvar
– _pk_id
– _pk_ses
– _pk_uid

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