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WooCommerce Print Products Filter & Hooks

WooCommerce Print Products Filters

Here is a list of all Filters for our WooCommerce Print products plugin: // Data Filters apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_title', $this->post->post_title); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_short_description',...

How to Remove Data from PDF Product?

If you want to remove data beside the options panel, you can always hook into WooCommerce functions. Then you can check if the $_GET parameter exists and apply the hook correctly. Here is an example to remove the Weight from Additional...

Remove Print products PDF Icons Hook

To remove the icons in the WooCommerce Print Products plugin: 1. Way remove_action( 'init', array( $WooCommerce_Print_Products->plugin_public, 'initWooCommerce_Print_Products' ) ); 2. Way: add_action( 'init', 'remove_print_icons' );...

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