In Version 1.1.1 we introduced a new feature, that allows you to create products, which can be purchased with user points. This can be used to limit money redemptions and increase cross sales. Furthermore you can use this to allow your customers to purchase donations or small product samples, that may trigger them to buy more later. 

Activate Product Redemption

The new product redemption feature can be found under Point Redemption > Products in the reward points menu. Here you can configure multiple settings. Important is, that you can show the products also in the My Points page in your user accounts directly. 

If you do not want to use it, you can still use the shortcode:


This shortcode will display products for points, which can be purchase by your customer.

By default only products with points, that can be purchased by a user with points will show. If user points are below a product, it will not show.

Set the parameter show_all=”yes” and you will see all products regardless of the user points amount.

product redemption settings

Set points needed on product level

When you now edit a product you can set the points, that are needed to purchase this product for free. 

set points needed to get this product for free

Purchase the product with points

When a product has points and the user has enough points a checkbox on product pages will appear to use his points instead of money to purchase this product.

checkbox to purchase this product with points

Cart & Checkout

When added to cart and checkbox was checked, the price of the product in cart is 0. Furthermore he will see meta data how many points are needed (works with quantity also). After checkout points will be subtracted from his user points. 

products for points with no price in cart

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