Our ultimate pricing plugin for WooCommerce makes it easy to setup dynamic product pricing based on certain rules. You can setup product discount rules or scenarios by setting a discount type (percentage or fixed amount) and then select the parameters where this discount should get applied to. In total there are more than 6 parameters you can use to refine a discount:

  1. Apply for User Roles
  2. Apply for Product categories, Tags or Products itself
  3. Apply when X reviews are written by a customer
  4. Apply when X orders have been done
  5. Apply between start and end dates
dynamic product pricing discounts

The above example rule sets a 10% discount on all products, that are in the category of hoodies. This will lead into a discounted price in category & single product pages like you see in the example below. Furthermore customers will also see a tooltip text with an info what they are saving and what discount rules have been applied.

example product discount on hoodies

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