WooCommerce Dynamic Product Pricing & Discounts


Get the ultimate all in one pricing plugin for WooCommerce: user role & dynamic pricing, tiered pricing and cart + product discounts.

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Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

There is nothing, that convinces a customer more than when he gets price discounts. Use this as an advantage with our dynamic pricing plugin for WooCommerce. Setup product price or cart discounts with ease based on multiple parameters, Some examples:

  • 10% off on all Hoodies this weekend
  • Buy 10 quantities and get 5% discount
  • Cart value above 100€ gets 20% off
  • B2B Users get 10% discount on on all T-Shirts

You see that nearly all possible pricing scenarios are possible. And the best? All is manageable in one settings panel including price im- and exports.

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Unlimited Pricing Scenarios

Choose between more than 7 different parameters to configure your custom product pricing scenarios. Use product categories, tags, user roles, reviews / orders created or even products itself. Then enable fixed or percentage based product discounts, that gets applied to your previous chosen parameters.

  • 5% on all Hoodies
  • 10% for all users, who have written more than 5 reviews
  • 20% on Tshirts for B2B User Roles who made more than 10 orders
  • $5 fixed discount during 4th of July
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Custom User Role Pricing

Loyal or B2B customers often have special price conditions, that you need to tackle. In order to support this we have to functionalities for that:

  • Use global Discount rules to user roles
    e.g. all B2B Users get 10% discount
  • Set custom prices per user role on product level

Of course it is much work to set custom user roles prices for each product. That is why the built in price importer functionality also can handle user role prices. Just download the excel price export, add user role prices and reimport with ease.

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Tiered Product Pricing

Adjusting the price based on quantities a user wants to buy will often lead into higher oder values. This because customers buy more than needed to get applicable discounts.

Within our pricing plugin for WooCommerce we have a built in tiered pricing system, that you can use in two ways.

  1. Global / Category based tiered pricing
  2. Per product tiered pricing

The global or category based tiered pricing makes it easy for you to setup tiers for all hoodies for example with just a few clicks. Choose between percentage or fixed amount discount and that is it. A nice pricing table will show the user his available tiers depending on the quantity he buys.

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Cart Discounts & Free Products

Beside product price discounts and tiered pricing, our plugin also offers cart discounts. These type of discounts allow you to apply percentage or fixed amount discounts on the complete users cart when certain parameters match.

  • Get 10% Off of Cart Subtotal when 10 Items in Cart
  • Enjoy a free product as Gift when 100€ cart subtotal reached

Furthermore you can add free products as gifts to the users cart.

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Ex- & Import prices with ease

No need for additional plugins. Our plugin comes with a built in Excel (xls or xlsx) ex- & import prices functionality. Just download an existing price export file with all products, default & user role prices, adjust prices as you like and reimport again.

  • Import regular & sale prices
  • Import user role prices

The import functionality is AJAX based, so it can handle unlimited rows of products.

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Documentation & FAQs

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# Changelog
- NEW:	Update product prices with sale prices based on product discount rules
		so you can use the discounted prices to export
		You have to check Exclude Products with Custom Sale Prices otherwise
		prices are discountes twice
- NEW:	Product discounts round option
- FIX:	Downgraded PSR Log library

- NEW:	Apply discounts for products when other products are in cart
- NEW:	Shortcode
- NEW:	Variable product from price
- NEW:	Apply discounty only on certain users
- FIX:	Variable original price missing

- FIX:	Badge missing

- NEW:	Percentage Multipliable
- NEW:	Show texts before original or discounted price
- NEW:	Added support for B2B King customer groups
- NEW:	Order Priority
- FIX:	Original Variable price shows min and max
- FIX:	Discounts for categories or tags not applied on variations
- FIX:	Updated WPML config

- NEW:	Custom user role prices also show the discount in frontend now
- NEW:	New variabls to use: old price and new price
- NEW:	Custom user role prices support multiple user roles now
- NEW:	Woodmart theme support
- FIX:	Tiered pricing cart badge display issue for variations
- FIX:	Tiered pricing price change JS not working
- FIX:	PHP Notices
- FIX:	Added support for themes using AJAX add to cart

- NEW:	Added an option to round down cart discounts
- FIX:	Important fix for Product Discount not working in conjunction with tiered pricing
- FIX:	Added support for germanized unit price field
- FIX:	Decimals not showing correctly after tiered pricing quantity change

- NEW:	Tiered pricing fixed total
- NEW:	Add Cart fees
- FIX:	Decimals 0 setting

- FIX:	Custom user role pricing not showing
- FIX:	Tiered Pricing Table Shortcode issue with Avada Template builder
- FIX:	Tiered pricing variation product issue
- FIX:	undefined PHP 
- FIX:	Tiered pricing add row issue

- NEW:	Added support for Level System Discounts based on our 
		Reward Points plugin (e.g. Level 2 users get 10% off)
- NEW:	Fixed Cart Total Discount Type
		e.g. when 3 Hoodies are in cart set a fixed total of $15
- NEW:	Percentage Applied Discount rate based on Subtotal with or without Tax
- NEW:	Added Tooltip & Badge options for tiered pricing rules:
- NEW:	Substract cart item & quantity count when products not in category or term
- FIX:	Admin JS issues

- FIX:	Comma decimal seperator support
- FIX:	Variable discount saved rate not showing
- FIX:	PHP Notice session

- FIX:	Improved variation support

- Initial release

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