What Devices / Browsers are Supported by Fire Push?

The following devices are supported by the Firebase Messaging service:

Browser Windows PC macOS Android iPhone (iOS)
Chrome Yes Yes Yes No
Firefox Yes Yes Yes No
Safari No Yes N/A No
Microsoft Edge Yes N/A Yes N/A
Opera Yes Yes Yes No
Yandex Yes Yes Yes N/A
Samsung Internet Browser N/A N/A Yes (4.0+) N/A
UC Browser No N/A No No
Internet Explorer 2 No N/A N/A N/A


In Short, these are Supported:

  • Chrome
  • Android (Chrome & Firefox)
  • Firefox

These are not supported:

  • Safari Browser
  • Internet Explorer
  • iOS (includes all iOS Browsers)

According to latest reports Chrome & Firefox are still the most used browsers – so you may not care about Internet Explorer or Safari.

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