Insgesamt gibt es 2 Shortcodes, die Sie verwenden können:1. Gesamtkatalog Export Shortcode

[pdf_catalog category="full" text="Gesamten Produkt-PDF-Katalog exportieren"]

2. Spezifische Produktkategorie

[pdf_catalog category="CATEGORY_ID" text="Produktkategorie X als PDF exportieren"]

Ein Widget wird nicht unterstützt. Aber Sie können den Shortcode in einem Widget verwenden. Sie benötigen nur ein Plugin, das Shortcode-Unterstützung für Widgets bietet.

20 Meinungen zu “WooCommerce PDF-Katalog-Kürzel

  1. carl sagt:

    I cannot make this work.. do I need a widget which processes shortcodes, a or a shortcode for widget??

    Please, which plug-in do I need to make this work in woocommerce, please??

  2. Monika sagt:

    Hi, how can I make the Cart Catalogue in the the cart disappear? I dont want this to show…. but dont find any options to hide this button. thank you!

  3. Ronald Sutter sagt:

    Hi Guys,
    we bought the catalog plugin yesterday and managed to install it after complete helplessness….
    But further, how can I get the PDF without placing a shortcode on some page ? Where can I start the PDF and where does the plugin store it?
    Thank you for your help

    Ronald Sutter

    • weLaunch sagt:

      Hi Ronald,

      on each product category page of WooCommerce you can find the buttons to export. If you can not find them go to Plugin settings and make sure both buttons are enabled. If still not showing change the button position within our plugin settings.

  4. Ronald Sutter sagt:

    Hi guys again,

    what can I do better regarding showing only a specific category in the PDF?
    I used this following shortcode within the category description and still get showed the whole portfolio. ;o(

    [pdf_catalog category=”Pflasterverband” text=”Pflasterverbände (PDF)”]
    as well see the category Link >>
    Thanx a lot for your help


  5. Diego sagt:

    Hi there!
    We instaled PDF catalog plugin. We made some adjustments to avoid error at exporting. (we changed DIV for Tables). Everything works ok, but we can not find the link to download the full catalog… Can you help us please? Thanks in advance!

  6. Daniel sagt:

    Is it possible to indicate the current category? not indicate the desired ID category.

    Something like
    [pdf_catalog category=”current” text=”Download Category PDF”]


    • weLaunch sagt:

      Hi Daniel,

      our plugin automatically creates a button on WooCommerce categories if this is what you are looking for.

      • Daniel sagt:

        I know (and test it) but I want to add in one sidebar and, if it is possible, we want that the button display automatically the category id we are viewing. With your shortcode example is necesary to put one category ID.

  7. Moises sagt:

    This is more a suggestion… is it possible to have a shortcode that can be added to a product page to download ONLY that product? That way you could download something similar to a PDF Datasheet of a product.

    Something like [pdf_catalog product=”” text=”Product Datasheet (PDF)”] (if Product=”” empty use current ID if not, use the ID of the product so you can show it somewhere else).

  8. Art sagt:


    Is it possible to keep the entirety of a product together? For example, if there is a headband with 5 variations, it will list them all in one very long column and then push something into the next page all alone. So it might just say “$8.00” at the top of a page but it’s supposed to belong with the product on the previous page. Or when there are a lot of variations (and a long vertical table showing them) there is a ton of white space to the side of it where product should fill into. It would be so nice if instead of having 6 variations in one single long column, it would do 2 rows of 3 columns so everything is more balanced.

    Ich kann Ihnen Screenshots schicken, wenn Sie das besser verstehen können. Bitte helfen Sie!

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