How can I automatically get latitude (lat) / longitude (lng) data for my stores?

Our WordPress plugin is able to automatically add latitude and longitude data during store imports. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. You need to set a Google Api Key (Server Side) in our plugin settings
    This will be used to fetch Lat / Lng when you import stores. It should not be your public key and have no http heder restrictions!
  2. Create an import file where the store’s lat / lng is empty
    If you already have stores imported -> make an export -> delete all stores -> edit the export and import it again
  3. If you have successfully set the server side key our plugin tries to fetch lat / lng by stores address automatically when importing

Caution: The automatic process might not always be 100% correct!

automatically get lat lng during stores import
automatically get lat lng during stores import

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